Friday, July 1, 2011

Midsummer Night's Dream 2 Gridwide Hunt ;D

I have been recently Been Doing the MND2 hunt.  LOt of Fun. Each Item is 1 Linden to PUrchase. But the items are worth more then 1 Linden. I have finished yet just wanted to post Some of the items because the hunt Ends July 28 and Theres over 200 Items So I wanted yall to get started on it :D (some of the Pictures are photoshopped a lil bit)
Here is the Site that has tp spots to places and the hints


 This one i Love this lil miniskirt but the undies im wearing does not come with them and you will need undies but  I still that its a Great Skirt.

 Matching shoes with matching head Flower lol So cyute :D

 Beautiful choker and Earrings 

 This flower has couple poses on it...Quite Pretty I think.

 This FROG is my fave and it comes as a purple frog also. It bounces up and down as you ride on it :D

 The Dress and the flower gazebo are two seperate gifts. The Flower gazebo as you can see in the back comes with a couple poze.. ITs so Pretty.

I also love This Decor set The chair I believe has 18 Poses. Then It comes with the painting you see here the table, The candles, Mushrooms and the Vases. The vases have the lil butterfiles that float around them So cyute.  
This is the last Picture i have but as I have said there are more Items you can find and buy ONly for one linden. This Hunt is So worth it, Because Many of the items are worth more then just One linden. SO get To HuNTING :D

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