Sunday, July 24, 2011


THis top is from sea hole also named The Sea Hole - Kashmir Blouse - Natural.
Pants are the seaman pants from BOOM another awesome store.
Hair:Action Womens Hair Cloe.2 - Bleached

A friend of mine made some pretty rings...
 Grace Ring VeilsandTrails07Agate01 gold white brown

  Grace Ring Amaya08Agate03 gold ivory brown

 Grace Ring Agate03 gold green orange

Grace Ring VeilsandTrails07Agate04 gold aqua orange

My friend Leonie makes gawgous RINGS these aren't out yet to buy, but they will be soon.  You should stop by her store and look at the other rings/items she has made SOOO worth the look :D Store is called Leonie.  url is here

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  1. Thanks for the lovely post! Leonie Szczepanski