Saturday, June 30, 2012

Just a Spoon Full of Sugar Helps the Medicine Go down....

Have some new goodies for yall.
and The Le Cabaret club allowed me to use their lovely place to take pictures.

I have not seen a better looking club  tbh most of em look nooby. But Le Cabaret
Uses beautiful textures :) I suggest stopping by ya never know you might find something you like ;)
Here is the Landmark!! 

The Corset I am wearing is one of Etchaflesh's new corsets.
I love it , all her corsets to be honest so nicely done :)
It's called Half N Half Corset.

I am wearing the New Sweety skin From Miasnow. :) This time in the 
tone called Exotic. also I am wearing the Freckle layer she made for the skin.
and Also this awesome eyeshadow she just recently made called XP Eyeshadows. There are different colors to choose from if you are not a blue and purple fan :) I love it. 

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