Wednesday, May 30, 2012

A Bunch of Loverly CoconutZ

Here we are Today at another Loverly Round of GFW.
They have some swell Goodies this Round. Along with some of the items being 
MESH Again. YIIPEEE I say!!!

Dress - FY - Eye Candy Dress (GFW)
Hair- Ploom - Aria (fitting name eh?) Mesh (My Attic)

Top- trs Wildlife Tee Rabbit (also in lion and sparrow) (GFW)
Hair - [e] - changes

Dress - S&C - Flow Dress MESH :) (GFW)
Hair - Exile - older subbo Gift

Skin - Step Inside - Anika (GFW)
Dress - Zinas Summer Dress Teal Mesh (GFW)
Hair - Kletva - Joss Blond Super Summer - Old TDRB Hair

These are Just a few of the Items you can purchase at GFW. So TAke that taxi up at the top because there are alot more you can grab :)

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