Wednesday, September 21, 2011


Earthstones. :) didn't really know about it till my sister
Showed me their jewlery. I have to say I need some mulah to
Save up and buy some of Earthstones jewelry ITS BEAUTIFUL.

I walked in and Oddly i smelt INcense and candles like you smell in Rl at 
Herbal stores or candle stores. IT was that homey it reminded me of
those Stores STRONGLY. (donno if thats good grammar but fo real)
LOL it is Beautifully put together.
She has Fountains in there for sale and candles and even incense, But MOst of all is her GAwGeous Jewelry :)
Here are some pics of my fave. The store is HUGE so be sure to look around.

Here is the Slurl
Right in the front of the store.
 OH, and she tells me around CHRISTMAS time she has the sim with SNOW
and an ICE RINK to ICE SKATE AT. as you CAn TEll I'm EXCITED LOL

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