Saturday, January 29, 2011

Candy Cane.... ITS A SIM :D

Ok This Sim is sooooo AWESOME SAUCES :D
these are just a few pics that show the sim but its way better if you can go visit it.   My fave part is the sun btw :D.
There are stores to shop at here also some of my fave btw.

List of stores: Lamb, Tres Blah, Mustache, Canned Ice, sBLur, Intrigue Co. , Ritz , Rachel Breaker , geez! , rcbg. ,Butt-err , Drot, Mangled, &Bean, 1313, pierce of mind, croire

I suggest you stop by and check it out...A sim you don't wanna miss exploreing and Shoppin at :D
Owners of the sim are Kittie Renfold and Disco Lemon :D

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